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>> LG Optimus S LS670 - Android Smartphone (Sprint)

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Bargain-bin smartphone.
I have had my LG Oprimus S for about ten months now. It seemed like a great deal, because I got it free with a new Sprint account. Had I known then what I know now, I would have shelled out some dough for a bigger, faster phone.

The screen size isnt so bad. The first major problem is the touch calibration. When the phone is tilted sideways, the calibration still reads as if the phone were upright. This causes a LOT of misspelled texts. Recalibration does not help.

The second, and much bigger issue, is the speed of the phone itself. In the first month, I noticed that it took time to load the photo gallery---sometimes upwards of a full minute, even with just a handful of photos taken. By a handful, I mean six or seven. I figured i could live with it, since it didnt happen all the time.
Since then, the OS has updated twice. Each time, the look of the interface has changed, and the phone has slowed down almost beyond usability. Even when the signal...

  • Andriod 2.2
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity with Hotspot
  • 3.2" Touch Screen
  • Google Maps Navigation
  • This phone is for use on the Sprint network only in the USA - ESN is clear for activation with Sprint

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The LG Optimus STM gets all the time-saving goodies of the latest AndroidTM 2.2 - speed, simplicity, and apps like Google VoiceTM Actions that make online search, shopping, and music just an easy voice command. Turn Optimus S into a Wi-Fi® hotspot so friends can surf too. Its large and inviting 3.2

Product brand: LG

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